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13 September 2020 @ 06:16 pm

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{2013.07.24 currently not adding new friends}

09 December 2012 @ 11:25 pm
However, everyone I've been close to either leaved this place or left the fandom. Many of my LJ friends became K-Pop fans, and honestly, I can't put up with K-Pop for too long. A lot of people changed from posting in English to posting in their mothertongue, which, unfortunately, is neither English nor German nor Japanese. My Italian is limited so I can't even put up with entries Italien LJers.

Yet, I miss blogging a lot. I've been using Twitter and Tumblr excessively until now, but I really miss 'writing'.

I'm still a big NEWS fan. I sticked to them ever since and waiting for all these years was totally worth it. The only thing that changed, I'm really not up to date with KAT-TUN. To be honest, KAT-TUN lost me when Jin left. I listen to their old songs from time to time but I have completely lost interest in them after Love Yourself was released.

For a short time I was pretty much into Big Bang, who I discovered way back in 2009. Strangely enough, K-Pop didn't catch me at all. I can't grow into it and I am glad it didn't grow onto me.

I wonder if anyone on my friends list still remember me and bothers to comment on here. I am going to do a extremely needed FCUT in which I will be removing everyone that isn't commenting on this post.

Because I guess it might be 99% of my friend list, I'm already preparing a fresh start. This entry will be opened for everyone because I have a lot of 'friends' which I didn't add on my list. If anyone of you is still interested in me, don't be shy to comment on here! I wish I could bring my LJ to live again.

Good night!