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13 September 2020 @ 06:16 pm

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21 February 2015 @ 10:09 pm
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NEWS are back with their (technically) seventh full studio album, "WHITE", to be officially released on the 25th of February 2015.

Title song of the album is supposed to be "Mr. WHITE", for whom the poor souls of NEWS work as angels to defend children and teenagers from the morbid darkness of online portals. Good job they are doing, for their horrendous costumes and vacuum cleaners make people run away in an instant - and log out of any social media website they could be confronted with them.

Designer of the costumes, as rumors have it, is (yet again) Masuda Takahisa - so of course they are masterpieces. And masterpieces they are! Masterpieces of doom, maybe masterpieces for a gateway to hell. For many fans like them, but I am (unfortunately) at that side of the fandom where the light of happiness does not reach. I don't like it, as you might be able to tell, so excuse my snarky and rude comments about it. Or don't, maybe you should just stay away.

Anyways! With a total tracklist of 15 songs for the regular edition (which includes the 4 solo songs of which you'll see a short summary later) NEWS hit up with quite a couple of songs... they could have released one or even two years ago! Surprise! Sadly enough those songs have already seen the golden times back in the days, and aren't much bringing freshness into the whole thing. (I thought we would be over a comeback, finally...)

The limited edition includes a dvd with an approximately 45 minutes track about the good deeds of Mr. White's four angels, NEWS, helping children on online platforms and preventing them from being sucked into the darkness of the internet. Therefore they have vacuum cleaners on their backs, wear diapers, stormtrooper-outfits that look like soccer uniforms, and on top of that have a grim look on their face. The perfect way to scare children away! (Or attract weirdos...)

As another special goodie, if you purchased both versions at once you were gifted a special clutch-bag, which I think isn't much bigger than a mobile phone pouch. I haven't seen it with my own eyes yet, for since I saw the design of it my eyes denied to look upon it again. At least there are people out there who can be happy with the design and concept of WHITE... at least they can be happy.

Edit: Laying my eyes upon the natural beauty of the booklet, I can only say it's not really a beauty. It looks cheap, uncreative and like a work of three seconds again. This however blends well with the rest of the album. Not going to watch the movie from limited edition because I'm not willing to waste 45 minutes of my precious life.

Enough blabbering and offending people, down to the live commentary on listening to WHITE for the first time, excluding prior released single-tracks.

cut for the butthurtCollapse )

Honestly I don't see a straight theme in this album, in fact I don't feel like it's an album at all. The songs are just thrown together on a record, heartlessly arranged and put together without much more of a thought. If they had rather leaned towards the creepy (Byakuya, Black Jack) theme, I think I would have found a huger liking of the whole concept of it; cover, promotional work, costumes. The whole album gives a feeling of a last minute work, I have a feeling like even though they had quite a time to record songs, they rushed a lot and just messed up in general.

It reminds me a lot of LIVE album, which after a couple of months of wait also left me in distress; with me only liking 2 or 3 songs on it. I think until today I haven't listened to it more than three times, and sadly I think this will be the case with WHITE as well. I don't feel it, but what else would I need as long as I have BYAKUYA to live and breathe.


6/10 would recommend
(only for byakuya)
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11 January 2015 @ 03:52 pm
NEWS "KAGUYA" Single, 2015.01.07 Release

NEWS comes back (again, I know) with a new single titled "KAGUYA", as to be expected from the title it's about the tale of snow-princess kaguya. And by now we can easily guess who this single is (again, I know) centering on.

Rumors have it Shigeaki Kato (one of the three background dancers the snow-princess of NEWS has to share her money with) self proclaimed the single's promotional video to be centered on Tegoshi Yuya, saying the PV was a "video by Tegoshi, with Tegoshi and for Tegoshi". Mr. Kato indeed had keen eyes on his insight.

Anyways, as a true fan I am obliged to watch the video and try to like it (or so some people say). I watched it, and I did not like it. I watched it twice, and I still didn't. But this story shall only be told in the "KAGUYA" song review, for now I want to talk about the single as a whole.

The single comes in three versions: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B and Regular Edition. All of them included a special clearfile (just like their last single did).

The LE-A version comes with a DVD including the PV as well as the making of, while LE-B comes with 4 special postcards and a 12 page booklet. Additionally to LE-B comes a different track, "TRAVeLiNG". Regular version includes all songs except TRAVeLiNG (also the nicest cover picture, in my opinion).

Of course fans went wild about this unexpected announcement, and the pre-order on almost all webshops was immediately stopped due to product shortage. But fear not! Several shops restocked their items a couple of times, so even those who were already shedding tears for not getting a hold of one copy were also able to order some (or not, because they illegally downloaded it afterwards).

So to the review of the songs! Of course I shall start with the main single song...


cutting because I might offend people without their approval againCollapse )

Reviewing over all of this, I'd give this single a total of 7 strawberries out of 10. It's definitely better than World Quest and ONE -for the win-, but it's still a long way to go to catch me as much as Chankapaana did.

Chankapaana 10/10
ONE -for the win- 4/10
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