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13 September 2020 @ 06:16 pm

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11 January 2015 @ 03:52 pm
NEWS "KAGUYA" Single, 2015.01.07 Release

NEWS comes back (again, I know) with a new single titled "KAGUYA", as to be expected from the title it's about the tale of snow-princess kaguya. And by now we can easily guess who this single is (again, I know) centering on.

Rumors have it Shigeaki Kato (one of the three background dancers the snow-princess of NEWS has to share her money with) self proclaimed the single's promotional video to be centered on Tegoshi Yuya, saying the PV was a "video by Tegoshi, with Tegoshi and for Tegoshi". Mr. Kato indeed had keen eyes on his insight.

Anyways, as a true fan I am obliged to watch the video and try to like it (or so some people say). I watched it, and I did not like it. I watched it twice, and I still didn't. But this story shall only be told in the "KAGUYA" song review, for now I want to talk about the single as a whole.

The single comes in three versions: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B and Regular Edition. All of them included a special clearfile (just like their last single did).

The LE-A version comes with a DVD including the PV as well as the making of, while LE-B comes with 4 special postcards and a 12 page booklet. Additionally to LE-B comes a different track, "TRAVeLiNG". Regular version includes all songs except TRAVeLiNG (also the nicest cover picture, in my opinion).

Of course fans went wild about this unexpected announcement, and the pre-order on almost all webshops was immediately stopped due to product shortage. But fear not! Several shops restocked their items a couple of times, so even those who were already shedding tears for not getting a hold of one copy were also able to order some (or not, because they illegally downloaded it afterwards).

So to the review of the songs! Of course I shall start with the main single song...


cutting because I might offend people without their approval againCollapse )

Reviewing over all of this, I'd give this single a total of 7 strawberries out of 10. It's definitely better than World Quest and ONE -for the win-, but it's still a long way to go to catch me as much as Chankapaana did.

Chankapaana 10/10
ONE -for the win- 4/10
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